FREEDOM | Staten Island Children Create Hope
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Staten Island Children Create Hope

15 May Staten Island Children Create Hope

Children in Staten Island, New Jersey played part in a service project for their annual class service assignment this past week. They participated in the Memory Project, a charitable organization that invites art teachers and their students to create portraits to donate to children around that world who are facing hardship. Most of these children are suffering the loss of their parents, neglect, and poverty.

The children of Staten Island Academy sent portraits to the youth in Ukraine who have lost their families or are living in war-torn areas. The sixth graders received photos of Ukrainian children and created a matching portrait of each of them to send back.

The greatest part of the entire project was when the children in New Jersey got to see the children in Ukraine’s reactions of receiving the portraits the students made of them. One student specifically said that this part was the greatest gift of all.

I believe that children should have to do projects, like this one, more than just one time a year. If children are exposed to always giving back to the world when they are young, they will be more prone to keep giving back when they are older, and continue to be great to the world.

Watch the video below to hear from some of the sixth-grade students who participated in the project.


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