FREEDOM | Hope and a Coat PT1
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Hope and a Coat PT1

25 Dec Hope and a Coat PT1

Read this and watch the video….Good Evening world!! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas! Last week today I woke up feeling so selfish as I looked around at all my countless blessings that the Lord ┬áhas provided for me and my family! I said God “next week is your birthday, your receiving all these requests, of all the things everyone wants you to for them, what can I do for you”? I know I cant ever repay you for putting my life, my mind, my heart back together but in 2017 I want to chase you! Not money, Not a career, Not a man, only you! Not b/c I want something from you, but because I just want a real relationship with you! No more one nightstands! And I know all my heart desires will follow, so me & my 2 sons & team, went down to Times Square I bought a whole bunch and tea with 2 bags of coats…and went and kicked it with the one’s who everyone forgot! And let them know God loves them!! Continue follow me on my journey, and watch this video


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