FREEDOM | Don’t Be Afraid
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Don’t Be Afraid

10 Nov Don’t Be Afraid

Ladies, don’t get it twisted, at the end of the day, we are all our sisters keepers. We are uniquely made and formed by God, fear is nothing but a spirit that I don’t care to be afraid of, it has no authority in my life!! It is true healing in finding your inner self, so that you can be a better you, this is what Freedom of Truth is all about! God Bless. I hope this video gives you life



  • Rhonda Keeler
    Posted at 12:21h, 10 November


  • Traci Reid
    Posted at 18:55h, 11 November

    God, is good. As women, black, white, Latino or what ever race we are as women we should uplift one another.It shouldnt be about who has the best car, house or finances. If we could take all that animosity and apply it to something positive we would ROCK.